Monday, December 12, 2016

(Super) Moutin Bros.

While I was visiting Montreal during the end of October I had the privilege of hearing the Moutin Brothers Reunion Quartet offer a clinic at McGill University and then see them perform at the Upstairs Jazz Club. I was very impressed with the shear technicality and sophistication of French bassist Francois Moutin and his brother Louis on drums. The entire group, including recent McGill faculty addition Jean-Michel Pilc on piano, was outstanding.

The highlight of both the clinic and gig, for me anyways, was a very clever drum/bass duet on a medley of Fats Waller compositions. A subsequent search of the inter web provided these duets as well, all worth watching:

Personally I'd like to see much more of this kind of thing!

And I also came across this very entertaining musical comic book narrative of the amazing Moutin brothers:

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