Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michel Lambert Solo Drums

Today's post features a great Canadian drummer from Quebec, the creative Michel Lambert. Here's Michel letting it all hang out in a solo drum set from Montreal's very hip and newest Jazz venue, Cafe Resonance:

I was fortunate to study with Lambert during the last year of my Master's degree at McGill University in 2002. He really encouraged me to "loosen up" my style and approach. We spent a lot of time working on the snare drum (mostly playing rolls) with the goal of getting me to play with a bigger/looser stroke and sound. Michel is a very engaging and free spirit when it comes to improvisation on the drums but, ironically, he was also one of the most technical drum teachers that I've ever worked with.

Check out these drum duets from Michel's website featuring himself with the likes of Hans Bennink, Rakalam Bob Moses, Montreal's John Heward and Daniel Humair:

Michel also lived and worked in Toronto for a number of years and played quite extensively with bassist Dave Young's band. The album "Fables" featuring Lambert with the Dave Young/Phil Quartet has always been a favourite.

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