Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trilok Gurtu Trio

Further to my post last week that featured drummer/percussionist/visionary Trilok Gurtu along with some musicians from Mali, here is a full length concert from the North Sea Jazz Festival featuring Trilok Gurtu and his trio:

I think this one demonstrates Trilok's fusion chops a bit more in a different sort of light than the West African footage from last week. And of course it's all great! I'm impressed that they can get so much happening with just a combination of voice, drums/percussion and keyboards/synths. When you have great musicians come together, of course anything is possible.

I recall hearing Trilok at the Spectrum in Montreal during the 2002 Montreal International Jazz Festival in a similar sort of configuration and was really impressed with the scope of Gurtu's imagination, deep groove and rhythmic sophistication. There is a whole orchestra of possibilities there!

Between Trilok Gurtu and the post of Billy Martin with Medeski, Martin & Wood + Soul Bop from yesterday, I guess I'm on a bit of an imaginative, funky/groove kick these days...Next stop on my listening safari for this week: Rich Brown's Rinse The Algorithm band featuring Toronto-drumming sensation Larnell Lewis!

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  1. A lot of great musicians have 'thrown away the book', but I think Trilok Gurtu has thrown away a lot more books than the average percussionist. An east Indian tabla master playing funk rhythms to to an African piece? Brilliant!