Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Through The Lens of My iPhone - Volume One

I'm no Jesse Cahill or Chad Anderson when it comes to artistic drum photography, but it's amazing what one can do with an iPhone, a clever app called Instagram and a bit of creative inspiration while in the moment:

"Getting Ready for The Gig" - Setting up the house drums at the Beatniq Jazz & Social Club with the Johnny Summers Quartet.

"Brushes, Sticks & Well Worn Drum Heads" - An overview of the evening's instruments.

"Loading In" - Outside the Market Collective in Kensington on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

"Dark Wood on Light Wood" - My Djembe stands in my living room.

"Out of The Cases and Ready to Go..." - Yellow Premier drums, Yamaha copper snare drum and drum pad all ready for an evening practice session.

"Taking a Break" - A shot taken between dance routines during an afternoon modern dance class at the University of Calgary.

"Tools of the Trade" - Everything is ready to go.

"Inspiration" - The Master's are watching/listening...

"Dark Vibes/Bright Music" - I love the contrast between the bars of the vibraphone, the sheet music and the orange mallets resting on the keyboard.

"The Force Will Be With You, Always" - Sidewalk Yoda says hello on 8th Avenue NE during a morning stroll.

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