Friday, February 3, 2012

Hamid Drake and Pasquale Mirra - Drums & Vibes

Here's an interesting drums/percussion & vibraphone pairing that got my attention featuring Chicago drummer/percussionist Hamid Drake and vibraphonist Pasquale Mirra:

I'm fascinated with the idea of a drums and vibraphone instrumental duet and have contemplated a project like this for some time (incidentally drummer Robin Tufts and I got into an interesting musical dialogue together during our show with the Jazz Winds Composers Collective at the Cliff Bungalow Jazz series concert on Wednesday night. I think I invented some new scales during that one!)

I first heard Karl Berger and Edward Blackwell do this on the album "Just Play" and it's a great percussion dialogue. I think there is a lot of sonic territory that could be covered here.

Any takers? (although I'm certainly open to any vibraphone + "other instrument" duo combinations these days!)

Just thinking out loud here, but here's a few drum & vibraphone duets/dream combinations that I'd like to hear someday (at the very least in my imagination):

Kenny Clarke/Milt Jackson

Joe Chambers/Bobby Hutcherson
(or Tony Williams...think of "Out to Lunch"!)

Buddy Rich/Terry Gibbs

Dafnis Prieto/Stefon Harris
(let's add Dave Holland on bass into that mix as well!)

Terry Clarke/Don Thompson

Steve Gadd/Matt Mainieri

Lewis Nash/Steve Nelson

Jack DeJohnette/Gary Burton

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