Thursday, December 1, 2011

Victor Lewis with Kenny Barron

Unfortunately I wasn't able to travel to Toronto recently to catch Victor Lewis with Ryan Oliver's group (it was all over Facebook so I gather that it was indeed pretty amazing (!) and Ted Warren even gave it a glowing mention over at his blog Trap'd) However, thanks to the gods over at the rest of us can still enjoy this one of Victor laying it down with pianist Kenny Barron's trio joined by Kiyoshi Kitagawa on bass:

Also, speaking of Ted and his fine blog Trap'd, thanks to Ted Warren for sharing this incredible clip in tribute to the great Paul Motian:

This is one of my particularly favorite groups that Motian led and the fact that they are playing one of my favorite Thelonious Monk tunes in the greatest Jazz club in the world is an added bonus as well! I've been messing around with Monk's "Misterioso" for awhile now on the vibraphone. Maybe if I'm nice Ted will let me play it with him on piano someday! ; )

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