Monday, September 26, 2011

Han Bennink Drum Lessons

More from my favorite swashbuckling dutch improvisor Han Bennink. I think someone gave these little "lessons" to me from notes they jotted down from a Han Bennink drum/music clinic (maybe from the Banff Jazz Workshop?):

Han Bennink's "Things to Practice":

"Play as fast as you can for 5 minutes without repeating yourself."

"Same thing goes for slow, loud, soft and any combination of them."

"Play one piece of your drumkit for 5 minutes and try to keep it interesting and do this until you have played all the pieces."

"Repeat the same beat for 5 minutes and try to keep it interesting."

"Play a crescendo lasting 5 minutes ending as loud as possible."

"Play solid time for 5 minutes, check with metronome before and after, repeat untill your time is really solid."

"Play completely free for 5 minutes, no time is allowed."

"When you think you have become good at these exercises extend them by 5 minutes each. etc".

These exercises should last you a lifetime...

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