Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bill Stewart @

Get comfortable!
Here's Jazz drumming phenom Bill Stewart from his clinic and Q&A session at the Memphis Drum Shop courtesy of that was streamed on the web not too long ago:

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  1. Oh man! In my honest but often difficult attempt to learn drums this summer, I've been digging some favourite records from high school. Bill Stewart has always excited me. I love the Metheny/Scofield record with Steve Swallow 'I Can See Your House From Here' (1994). Here's a video of that band:

    I'm gonna feature some music from this record at UVic this year, every tune is a winner. Bill is so distinctive yet he works in so many different situations. He's a great composer too. I love a tune called 'Kae' on a Blue Note All Stars record. I also dig one of his solo albums 'Telepathy' (1997). I look forward to hearing him live someday.