Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Louis Bellson with J@TP

From a 1967 edition of Jazz at The Philharmonic, this is perhaps one of the most amazing and entertaining Louis Bellson drum solos I have ever seen:

I've been on a bit of a Louis Bellson kick lately and have been enjoying his playing on such albums as:



"East Side Suite"

I've also meaning to track down the album "Are You Ready For This?" where Louis Bellson meets Buddy Rich in some, allegedly, pretty heated drum exchanges. As Kenny Washington stated to me regarding this particular recording: "Those two were both out for blood on that one!"


  1. I would also like if you could hunt down the album "The Electric Sticks Of Buddy Rich" by Buddy Rich & Art Blakey (very rare from 1960 on Alto Records).

  2. I think you can find it ("Are you ready for this?") here, but you have to be a member.

  3. I am also looking for "The Electric Sticks Of Buddy Rich", but I was unable to find it on the above site. Does anyone know where this album can be found?