Monday, May 2, 2011

The Monday Morning Paradiddle

Well, I spoke too soon last week. It definitely wasn't spring...snowstorms in Calgary and in Banff late last week proved me wrong. But perhaps we'll have better luck this week. But I'll decline to making any predictions this time...

-Thanks to everyone who came out to the Broken City jam session on Saturday afternoon to hear me play the vibraphone with my band. And thank you very much to all the great bass players, pianists and the many talented drummers that sat in. There are always a ton of great drummers ready to play at this session!

Hmmm....where were all the horn players this week?

-I'm still plugging away at the vibraphone after almost 5 years now of studying this instrument and I have just recently started playing gigs with other people in addition to practicing and regular sessions in an attempt to take my game up another notch. My progress is coming along. I'm trying to expand my repertoire and ability to navigate all the chords and scales one needs to be a competent Jazz improviser these days. I get a lot of satisfaction from learning and playing Jazz music from a more melodic and harmonic perspective. I think it's definitely helped my drum set playing as well. I've also been studying with New York vibraphonist/percussionist Allan Molnar and that has definitely helped me along lately. I'm no Bobby Hutcherson or Milt Jackson but I think I am getting better! Thanks to everyone that offered their generous compliments over the weekend.

-Irish drummer Conor Guilfoyle is a great drummer from Dublin who's gone to great lengths to post many great lessons and transcriptions on his website:

Conor recently posted on a transcription of a Tito Puente timbale solo from the album "Top Percussion" and his very clever adaptation to the drum set. Check it out:

-Don't miss an exciting concert of large ensemble Jazz music this coming Friday at the Cantos Foundation:

The Summit Jazz Series
Part One: Bebop & Beyond

Friday, May 6 2011
The Cantos Music Foundation
134 11th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB


Admission: $15/$10 students


Carsten Rubeling - Trombone
Eric Bloom - Trumpet
Jim Brenan - Alto Saxophone
John Roggensack - Tenor Saxophone
Sarah Matheson - Baritone Saxophone
Chris Andrew - Piano
Kodi Hutchinson - Bass
Jon McCaslin - Drums

-Oh yes, a message to my fellow Canadians: Don't forget to get out and VOTE today!!!

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