Friday, March 18, 2011

Metheny & Moses in Montreal

I thought this was an interesting piece for not only who's playing (Pat Metheny with Steve Swallow and Bob Moses) but where it was filmed:

This footage was taken in 1988 at the now defunct Montreal Jazz club L'Air du Temps. I have many fond memories of that club and of making late night treks through the snowy streets of Old Montreal to catch many memorable shows. I first moved to Montreal during the mid-1990s and by that time the club was only active on a part-time basis but I still managed to experience a lot of great music there nonetheless (hearing drummers such as Jim Black, Jeff "Tain" Watts, Ignacio Berroa and local fixtures such as Dave Laing, Andre White and Pierre Tanguay). My last memory of being in that room was actually playing an extended run there with bassist Brian Hurley's band with Allan McLean on tenor saxophone and Paul Shrofel on piano about ten years ago.

At one point, I recall someone actually purchasing the building with the intention of returning it to its former glory but from what I heard, one thing led to another and I understand that it's now a boutique, Starbucks-like coffee shop/beanery...

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  1. Nice vid! We don't see Bob Moses quite often. His book, "Drum Wisdom", is still one the most inspiring music books for me... We surely miss L'Air du Temps, too bad.