Saturday, August 21, 2010

Frankie Dunlop Strikes Again

Another solo today from the underrated Frankie Dunlop (in my opinion anyways!):

During my studies at McGill University in Montreal with drummer/pianist Andre White, studying Frankie Dunlop's approach to comping and his unique solo style was standard fare. His big, fat swinging eighth note feel is something quite different from his contemporaries and provided the perfect compliment to the rest of the Thelonious Monk band. For awhile I was also really into playing along with Monk records that featured Dunlop on drums with his rhythm partner John Ore on bass. I'm a big fan of the bouncy quarter note feel they got when grooving at medium tempos. Check him out !

Of course his resume wasn't limited to his work with Monk and I would be very interested in hearing his other work with other band leaders as well. Any suggestions ?


  1. I'd like to know more about Dunlop myself since he is one of my favorites as well. From what I know he played with Lionel Hampton and Maynard Ferguson. But the only non-Monk recording by him I actually own is Sonny Rollins' soundtrack for the movie "Alfie" (starring Michael Caine) on Impulse! (which I can highly recommend). There is a long Modern Drummer interview with him by Scott K. Fish from August 1985, which is the only one I know of. There were rumors that he died a couple of years ago in a mental institute, but I don't know if they were true or not.

  2. I have to say he's on of my favorite drummers as well. His feel is unparalleled from a humble bassist's point of view. I'm only familiar with his work with Monk too so I'd love to hear of some more records to check out.