Monday, March 29, 2010

Wynton Marsalis w/Joe Farnsworth

Joe Farnsworth is a great contemporary bebop drummer I've quite enjoyed listening to over the past few years and whose resume reads like a who's who of the jazz world. His hard swinging style is influenced by his teachers Alan Dawson, Kenny Washington and Art Taylor and he was everywhere while I was in New York, studying there back in 2004.

From a gig at the "House of Tribes" a few years back, here's Joe Farnsworth with Wynton Marsalis on Thelonious Monk's "Green Chimneys":

Here's a few other clips of Joe Farnsworth in action:

And here with saxophonist Pharoah Sanders:


  1. Is there are a greater trumpet solo on record than Wynton here on 'Green Chimneys'? I doubt it.

  2. joe farnsworth great drummer,i love his drumming

  3. I grew up with Joe and I appreciate your fine tribute to him and his skills. I sat through hours of non basketball time while he practiced!