Friday, March 5, 2010

Kenny Washington on Cymbals

Some great footage here of jazz drummer Kenny Washington demonstrating his old K that Mel Lewis gave him and talking about the new Zildjian K Constantinople Bounce ride cymbal which he also helped develop:

"This guy can hear paint dry" - classic line from KW !

Also, some serious lessons in ride cymbal playing in those clips.

I recently played some of these new cymbals at the Zildjian booth at PASIC '09 in Indianapolis. They are really doing something right with these cymbals !


  1. Cool blog, but how can you distinguish any ride pattern with such a low-wash cymbal. I love Washington's playing but how could you play this cymbal on up-tempos?

  2. If you ever get a chance to watch Kenny play up close, do it.
    He plays with an extremely light touch on the ride cymbal and very quietly as well. I recently heard him play some extremely fast tempos with Bill Charlap's trio. His ride cymbal playing was certainly "distinguished" that evening!