Monday, March 22, 2010

Idris Muhammad

Here's some great footage of the very funky and swinging drummer Idris Muhammad, originally from New Orleans, demonstrating his unique style in a variety of situations:

Playing here with pianist Ahmad Jamal:

And here playing great with the Joe Lovano Trio:

And another great solo with Lovano here, courtesy of the fine folks at

I've only heard Idris play live once, on a tribute gig to Charlie Parker at New York's Birdland in the year 2000 which featured an all-star lineup consisting of Tom Harrell, Gary Bartz, Donald Harrison, the late Dennis Irwin, Junior Mance and Idris on drums. I am a huge Charlie Parker fan so I was excited to hear all those masters interpret his music. I was impressed with Muhammad's hard swinging approach and HUGE sound he got out of the drums. Classic bebop drumming vocabulary expressed by someone who had lived it !

Sorry for the lack of posts lately and the somewhat brief commentary accompanying the posts I have been making. Has been a busy couple of months having been on the road lately. But I'm back home for good for awhile now !!! Thanks again for those of you who have been writing with such positive feedback about my blog. Forever onwards !


  1. Hello Jon
    Hello Jon
    Good Blog for Drums Amateurs.
    I've seen Mr Idris Muhammad with Ahmad Jamal in Concert near Paris. It was my most emotional concert...
    Idris played with the most sensibility, with a fantastic architecture of beat.
    My best lesson of drums...
    Respect and peace Mr Idris
    Peace and Groove to You
    Stéphane (France)

  2. c'était où ???
    il y a d'autres concerts ???

  3. C'etait à Maurepas dans les Yvelines, mais également à La Défense. IDRIS MUHAMMAD a fait beaucoup de tournées en France avec Ahmad Jamal. Actuellement je ne sais pas avec quel artiste Mr Muhammad tourne???