Friday, November 6, 2009

Milt Jackson w/Kenny Clarke and more TAP

Today's post features a number of videos from my favorite jazz vibraphonist, Milt Jackson. The first clip below features an all-star band of Milt Jackson on vibes, John Lewis on piano, Ray Brown on bass and none other than Kenny Clarke himself on drums (!) performing Jackson's signature blues, "Bag's Groove".

There is not a lot of footage out there of "Klook" (the father of Bebop drumming) so I treasure it whenever I can !

The other two videos feature Milt Jackson on a couple of Duke Ellington pieces. I'm pretty sure that is the underrated Mickey Roker playing drums on both shots.



I got a lot of positive feedback on my previous post regarding tap dancing and jazz drumming so here's another follow up to that:

Lately I was going through a stack of old cassette tapes that I made about 20 years ago, taped from late night jazz programming on the CBC (this is before the internet and iTunes!). I found a favorite program I had recorded that featured the music and life of the great big band drummer Louie Bellson. One of those selections featured Bellson performing with the Duke Ellington Orchestra from around 1965 on a piece entitled "David Danced Before the Lord" which was performed as part of one of Ellington's Sacred Concerts ("liturgical" jazz music he wrote to be performed in church). The piece featured the great tap dancer Bunny Briggs with the orchestra. Ellington told drummer Louie Bellson:

"This is music to be played in church. I want you to be the thunder and lightning".

Years ago when I first listened to this piece, it left a great impression on me. Now, I am thrilled to discover that a live performance of this piece that includes Ellington, Bellson and Briggs (and Jon Hendricks on vocals!) has been posted on

Where do people find this stuff ? : )

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  1. Hi Stompy .. how do I download a copy of this video? Jon Hendricks, Jr.