Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Matt Wilson w/Dave Liebman & Ed Saindon

Some great footage today of two of my favorite musicians: drummer Matt Wilson and saxophonist Dave Liebman featured with vibraphonist Ed Saindon and his quartet from a concert recorded earlier this year.

I recently discovered Ed's music via the vicfirth website www.vicfirth.com. Ed Saindon is an incredible vibraphonist very much in the Gary Burton tradition of vibraphone playing and he is a very accomplished educator as well. I think he teaches at the Berklee College of Music. I've found his instructional video clips to be very helpful (being an aspiring vibraphonist myself !)

And of course it's always inspiring and motivating to hear Dave Liebman play - no matter with whom or in whatever context !

Drummer Matt Wilson is a good friend of mine and I was VERY fortunate to study with him in 2004 sponsored by a generous grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Our lessons were extensive and we spent quite a bit of time together. Matt was very generous with his time and knowledge and I'll forever be thankful for that experience.

In terms of our lessons, once we got through some technical drum stuff (which didn't take long - but I'm still working on his exercises five years later !) we spend a lot of time talking about making MUSIC on the drums and different ways to inspire the creative process on the drum set. I took home a lot of deep concepts and things to think about and practice. To this day I still go back to listen and learn from the recordings I made of his lessons. Still much to practice !!!

Matt is a bit of a celebrity these days appearing on the covers of the November issues of Downbeat AND Jazz Times magazines and with a featured column in Modern Drummer (!)

Way to go Matt !

Anyways, here are a few delightful clips of Matt doing his thing:

(dig those nice Craviatto drums he's playing on)

(a Craviatto or vintage Gretsch juicer perhaps ???)

Coming soon: updates from PASIC 2009

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  1. Nice site Jon. You know my first instrument was drums at Berklee where I studied with Alan Dawson. I still teach and love to play drums. Everyone should play drums regardless of their respective instrument. That gig with Lieb and Matt at UNH was a blast. It was fortunate that it was videotaped. Best, Ed