Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ian Froman Vic Firth Drum Lessons

Some very informative footage of Ian Froman demonstrating his approach to contemporary jazz timekeeping on the drum set courtesy of

Ian, originally from Ottawa, is a very accomplished drummer and teacher who teaches at the Berklee College of Music and has performed with the likes of Dave Liebman, Metalwood, Jake Langley and Mike Murley among many others.

I had the pleasure of seeing Ian play quite a bit during my time in Toronto. Sometimes, it almost seemed like he was living in Toronto as he was around so much !

There is a CBC recording floating around the web of Froman playing drums Mike Murley, Dave Liebman and Jim Vivian at the Rex Hotel & Jazz Club recorded during the 2008 IAJE Conference in Toronto (or was it an IAJE funeral ???).

Check that out if you can find it !

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  1. I have seen Ian play on quite a few occasions. the first time I saw him play I was astounded by his timing and how he manipulated the timing with out missing a beat. My personal favourite Froman recordings would be the metalwood cd,s he has worked on. He seems to show alot more freedom of drum style expressions. In my mind one of the best in the world.

    Mark Ammar
    A Canadian drummer