Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get your groove on with Jim Payne

During my PASIC travels two weeks ago in Indianapolis, I was overwhelmed with the amount of new instruments, products, cymbals, drums, books and DVD's that were all being featured in the exhibit area. Too many nice Zildjian K. Constantinople cymbals to choose from !

One book that did catch my eye was New York drummer Jim Payne's latest book entitled "Advanced Funk Drumming".

Some great clips from the book & DVD on a page at devoted to drummer Jim Payne:

A groovy sample from

Honestly, I forgot to pick this one up during PASIC (!) but I will eventually. Jim's got a great method and collection of grooves here and will impress anyone who's interested in the history and method of contemporary funk drumming.

And course you can see from these web clips that he grooves his butt off too !

There is also lots of great information and further lessons on Jim's website at:


Oh yes, today's a big day in RIDER NATION as my beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL Western Final (being hosted in Regina, Saskatchewan)


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