Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who Thinks What ?

I recently sent out a questionnaire to many of my friends, associates and teachers.

This was inspired by a similar set of questions that Ethan Iverson (pianist with the Bad Plus) sent out to various jazz musicians and then posted the answers on his own blog at Do The Math. I was impressed by some of the intriguing answers that different musicians provided. I also noticed that other jazz musician/blogger types were also coming up with there own version of this questionnaire on their own blogs.

So here are the questions I e.mailed to everyone and I promise to post the answers as I compile them.

*Montreal Alto Saxman Donny Kennedy wins the prize for being the first person to respond to my poll. What does he win do you ask ? Well, I'm not really sure yet...


Give us an example or two of what you feel is an especially good or interesting:

1. Melody:

2. Harmonic language:

3. Rhythmic feel:

4. Classical piece:

5. Jazz album:

6. Book on music:

7. Name a great recording by someone that has influenced you:

8. Name someone whose music has influenced you, but that people who know your music would probably be surprised by:

9. Name a player on your instrument whom you think is very underrated:

BTW - If you'd like to contribute but somehow wasn't contacted via my e.mails - please feel free to contact me at

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