Saturday, May 23, 2009

Smalls Jazz Club Live Video Feed

When I was making my treks to NYC during the winter/spring of 2004 to study with Matt Wilson on my Canada Council for the Arts sponsored sojurn, the jazz club "Small's" located in Greenwich Village was always my go-to jazz club if I didn't know where else to go or didn't feel like spending a small fortune at one of the other bigger and more touristy jazz clubs like the Blue Note or the Vanguard (although I always tried to take in the Village Vanguard whenever I could).

I was always impressed by the amazing talent that I heard at Small's including younger and older jazz musicians alike that aren't known outside of New York. I always knew I would hear something good at this club even if I had no idea who any of the musicians were!

Anyways, this is a great find...

Small's has now installed a camera and microphone and provides a live-feed of all there nightly concerts.

WOW !!!

I'm really digging this... : )


Apparently they are going to start archiving all these shows so there should be lots of good music to check out !


  1. Hello Jon:

    Thanks for posting this info on your blog! We are trying to live stream as many shows as we can (if it's off it's because either we're closed or the artists has not given us permission).

    We also have an extensive audio archive of past performances. You can search artists by their instrument.

    All this is available on


    Spike Wilner
    Smalls Jazz Club

  2. Thanks Spike !

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing the upcoming Small's recording of the Ryan Kisor group with Ali Jackson.


    Jon McC